Um... A Bit Early, But...

Sunday, March 22, 2015

     Hi everyone! Um, I know it's Sunday, but I already put up the Book Review tab. I won't stop you from looking at it, but you're probably wondering why it's up too early. Here goes: 

-Um, I had to email Shannon Messenger about my link today, so that it 
would get into the list on Monday. 

-it's super weird, but without publishing the review, there would be no link 
for her to put on the list

-it's not a bad thing, really, you just get to see the review one day early 

-um, yeah that's it

-I know this is a really short post, but I just had to let you guys 
know what's going on because MMGM clearly says
"Marvelous Middle Grade Monday"

-*cough, cough* Monday *cough, cough*

-yeah I should probably leave the post before I embarrass myself...

-ahem. BYE!!!

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