I'm writing a NEW STORY!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I can't even. Legit. I have no words. And it's actually surprising because I'm an amateur writer. I still can't even. Here's my prologue: 

The dark room was illuminated by one single lightbulb, which shone like a spotlight on the lone figure who was pacing back and forth. If you looked directly at the light, you could see dust swirling in the air, like scattered puffs of clouds in the sky. 
   “These are the last of them, ma’am.” a boy said from a dark spot in the corner. He gestured towards the six people lined up upon the wall. The boy’s body was barely visible, but you could see tiny movements in his direction, hinting that he was shaking. 
   The girl who was pacing in the middle barely even looked up. She continued to pace. With her arms crossed, pitch-black hair down, and shoulders slouched, she created the gloomy mood, which seemed to have gathered around the room, hypnotizing everyone in it. 
  The boy spoke again when he saw that the girl had no reaction. “Ma’am it’s your choice now. These were the ones that we captured. It all goes down to this. It’s up to you to decide who is the—”
  “Has anyone every thought of adding more lights to the place?” a voice asked from the wall, interrupting the boy from the corner. 
  The girl in the center looked up, and her bright blue eyes scanned the wall. When she found the right person, she took a sword out from the scabbard hung at her waist and drove into the wall, right above the boy who had spoken. The sword’s glinting blade was a mere two inches from the boy’s head. She’d nearly chopped his head off. 
   “What do you have to say to that?” she growled, looking down at him. 
   The boy, paralyzed with fear, didn’t say a word. 
   The girl retrieved her sword and went back to her spot in the middle. “We’ve wasted enough time. I only need to know one thing. Who leaked the secret?” She was on the small side, but her voice carried through the room, echoing as it did. 
      Everyone became interested in their toes. 
     “I said who. Leaked. The. Secret?” She asked, stalking closer to the six people.
     Silence. No one said a word. 
     “Okay. I guess we’ll have to further examine the group then.” She went from person to person, looking into their eyes, as if she were looking for the truth. 
     When she reached the last person, the familiar face made her heart ache. Without warning all the wind was knocked out of her…and she collapsed. 

(dun, Dun, DUN!!! I know it's a cliffhanger. But chill. Hopefully I'll be able to finish this story. For now, I'll just have to leave you in the dark...)

*switches off the light*


*realizes that she just walked into the wall*

*hangs head in shame*

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