The Prince of Fenway Park, Unlocking the Spell, and A Year Without Autumn (MMGM)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

     Hey everyone and welcome to...MMGM day! (As you can see, I'm still working on the introduction. Please feel free to skip the lame-ness...) Um, anyway, today I'll be doing a book review on "THE PRINCE OF FENWAY PARK" by Julianna Baggott. (I know it seems like I *LOVE* every book, but I really don't. I only do book reviews on the ones I *LOVE*...)

     For those of you who don't really watch or play baseball, you might need some back up info about this stuff. Lucky for you, I did a little research (Thank you, Google!)

Back up info: 

-Fenway Park (usually just known as 'Fenway') is the Boston Red Sox's home. 

-In 1919, (Oh, the horror!) Babe Ruth was sold from the Red Sox's to the New York Yankees. (If you live in New York, yada-yo, you should be partying, but for us Bostonians (*cough cough* , me)...(well, I wasn't born yet or anything...but still.)

-Um, after our BEST player was sold, we were set upon a curse for I don't know...86 YEARS?!?!?!?!?

-(*I think part of me just died*)

-So yeah, there was a tiny little curse thingy...

Back to the review...

     ANYWAY... Oscar Egg thinks he's cursed, just like the Red Sox. Apparently, he has a mom who wants to ditch him and a dad that would I say this...weird. Not weird in 'I-am-so-not-normal-I-can't-sit-in-my-seat-or-eat-cereal way. When I say weird, I mean he lives UNDERNEATH Fenway Park. With creatures. Cursed Creatures...animals that are said to be stuck there until the curse is broken. (BTW, curse=Red Sox not winning any World Series for a LONG TIME) Oscar wants to save his father--and the Cursed Creatures, of course--so he tries to help the Red Sox. During his journey, he meets weird old ladies, finds out that he has the magic ability to figure out codes, and oh, yeah. He goes back in time to retrieve all-star, hall-of-fame-worthy baseball players to save the day--and break the curse. Looks like Superman just got a little less super. 

     Wow. This is unbelievable. I read this borrowed this book two years ago (from the library) and yet I still remember *MOST* of the story. That says something. Usually I don't remember anything, from where I put the orange I was going to eat to which socks I poisoned (Whoa, wait a second...I don't poison socks!). And of course, I would totally recommend this book to everyone. (Hm...I guess I recommend all books to everyone.) But don't take my word for it. Look this book up and check out the comments. I've yet to see a bad one...

#IDoNotPoisonSocks (!!!)


Second book for MMGM today! I'm also doing a review on "A YEAT WITHOUT AUTUMN" by Liz Kessler. Once again, EPIC book. (actually, this book was *OFF THE CHARTS*) It's a must read for girls. (Sorry dudes, but the first one was for you) 

     (The awesome author of this awesome book is Liz Kessler, FYI) Unlike THE PRINCE OF FENWAY PARK, you don't need back up info. I had to read this one a few times to understand it, but there's a really inspiring message to it. If you can see it great, if you can't try to click on the picture, although I'm not sure if it works. Well, if you can't see it at all, the question is: 

     If you could see into the future--would you look?

     Knowing most of you, your answer would be yes--but in your defense, I said yes the first time I saw it too... After reading this book, my funny yes went away and was replaced with a sober *noooooooooooooo*. 

     Here's why:

     Jenni Green is a girl on a mission. After going on a time-traveling elevator, Jenni finds out that she's lost a year of her life. When going back proves to be harder than going back down a level, Jenni starts to panic. If she couldn't go back, she'd be stuck in the future--forever. It doesn't seem too too bad, but when a tragic hits her best friend's family and she loses Autumn as a friend, Jenni has to go back in time. But how?

     In my opinion, anything that involves time travel or friendship or scary situations or extreme drama is my type of thing. Lucky for me, this book had everything I liked in it. How I found the book: I was actually in love with her (Liz Kessler's) mermaid series, "THE TAIL OF EMILY WINDSNAP", and her stories always had a question that would make you change your mind in the end, so I decided to give this "A YEAR WITHOUT AUTUMN" a chance. Happily, I wasn't let down. :-)

     "The author of the best-selling Emily Windsnap series spins a gripping tale about a girl who stumbles into the future--and must change its course to save a friendship."

                                                      ( -I don't know who said this but somebody had to say it)



     I'm feeling adventurous. Third book for today! I got a lot of good feedback on last week's MMGM (The Wide-Awake Princess), so I decided to continue with the next book in the series. (This book is by E.D Baker)



     Back up info:

-Annie has found her sister's true love!!!

-Gwendolyn's true love is an enchanted bear, who's actually a prince

-He was turned into a bear by an evil dwarf

-The dwarf wanted Beldegard's gold and the prince wouldn't give it to him so the only option that he had was...

-They're on a mission to find the evil dwarf

     The next fab book in the fab series is"UNLOCKING THE SPELL". Like I said in the "Back up info", this book is taking place after Annie found her sister's true love, which--like I said--happens to be a bear. Beldegard is a bear that was turned into a prince. Oh wait--I think it's the other way around. 

*goes back into the book to check*


         Yeah. It is. Beldegard is a prince that was turned into a bear by an evil dwarf. Now the gang--Annie, Liam (Annie's might-be-a-little-more-than-a-friend friend), Beldegard, and somehow Gwendolyn, but that's not the point. ANYWAY, they go on a journey to find the dwarf and make him reverse the spell. 

     Since this book was part of the series that I read (this was book two) of course I had to read it. Um, I also found this book on E.D Baker's website (click on her name somewhere up there...), which led me to looking it up in the library, which lead to me having the book, which lead to me holding the book, which lead to me jumping around, which lead to me actually opening the cover, which lead to me reading the book, which lead to me liking it a lot, which lead to me doing a book review. Whew, that was NOT easy to type. 

     A really good reason to read this book: 

You get to see a dwarf get turned into a chipmunk. What's not to like?


A special thanks to Shannon Messenger who lead me to all these wonderful people. Thank you so much for welcoming me to the group. It makes me feel so special. I appreciate every person who decides to give my blog a chance, read my posts, and comment. You don't know how much I like reading what you think. 

*group hug*


(I made it big on purpose. Don't worry.)


  1. I loved A Year Without Autumn as well, but then I adore time travel books. Did you know that today was Opening Day for baseball? I reviewed a baseball book as well. I'll have to take a look at The Prince of Fewnway Park.

    1. Wow! Really? I had no idea that it was Opening Day for baseball! Thanks for the feedback! :-)

  2. I loved A Year Without Autumn as well, but then I adore time travel books. Did you know that today was Opening Day for baseball? I reviewed a baseball book as well. I'll have to take a look at The Prince of Fewnway Park.

  3. Thanks for the recommendations! My daughter really loved the Emily Windsnap books, and I hadn't looked for more from Liz Kessler since then.

    1. I loved the Emily Windsnap series too! Liz Kessler is a REALLY great author! Thanks for the feedback! :-)

  4. Great choices although I've only read the first one. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks! Glad to hear the positive feedback! :-)

  5. Another MMGM blogger here, chiming in to say I also enjoyed A Year Without Autumn. I admire authors who can pull off a time travel plot and make it believable. I haven't read the other two books, but I'm really impressed that you remember so much about The Prince of Fenway Park, even after two years!

    1. Thanks so much! And yes, it's fantabulous how a good book can do that to ya.

  6. These look awesome! If I ever see them at the library, I'll definitely check them out. Thanks for the reviews!

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm glad you liked my reviews! Tune back next Monday for more! :-) (That's my signature smiley face)