Lost in the Sun (MMGM)

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hi, there! Good news: I'm finally being able to catch up on my reading! Yay! If you're wondering, I'm currently doing a Keeper series marathon, which is basically when I read and re-read and re-re-read the Keeper series while I wait for my copy of Neverseen to arrive. Can't wait! ANYWAY, this week, I'll be reviewing "Lost in the Sun" by Lisa Graff. (By the way, I won this one from the wonderful Rosi Hollinbeck, so thanks Rosi!) 

Here's the cover! 

Here's some info...

Age Range: 10 and up 
Page count : 304 pages

Publisher: Philomel Books (May 26, 2015)


"Everyone says that middle school is awful, but Trent knows nothing could be worse than the year he had in fifth grade, when a freak accident on Cedar Lake left one kid dead, and Trent with a brain full of terrible thoughts he can't get rid of. Trent’s pretty positive the entire disaster was his fault, so for him middle school feels like a fresh start, a chance to prove to everyone that he's not the horrible screw-up they seem to think he is. 

If only Trent could make that fresh start happen.

It isn’t until Trent gets caught up in the whirlwind that is Fallon Little—the girl with the mysterious scar across her face—that things begin to change. Because fresh starts aren’t always easy. Even in baseball, when a fly ball gets lost in the sun, you have to remember to shift your position to find it."

My opinion: 

Gosh, I *LOVED* this book. I loved the idea, the plot, the characters, the family, the friendship. Everything about it stood out to me and I've never read a book quite like this one. The enjoyed it very much and it's nice to see some sibling rivalry in here, though it's not the focus of the book. The focus of the book is mainly on the blossoming friendship of Trent and Fallon Little. It's a very intriguing book and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. I think it will appeal most to kids with divorced parents or friend problems since the story is mostly about these two topics. 

Here are 3 quick reasons why you should read and love "Lost in the Sun"...

  • The characters. I really like the characters in this book because of the way they're portrayed. Fallon is known as the girl with the scar, but she's also confident and brave. Trent is a fan of baseball and he's extremely troublesome. See, they're not perfect, and that makes the story feel more realistic, even if it is fiction. (In a way they both have scars, Fallon literally and Trent more figuratively, he's scarred from killing someone (accidentally, he didn't do it on purpose!))
  • The plot. It's not one of your friendship stories, but it DOES portray friendship as a fragile thing. Something that you spend time building on can collapse just because you spread fear or because your friends' parents think that you're a bad example. In this book we learn that friendship requires setting an example, proving that you can be trusted, and being open to others. 
  • The metaphorical title. I love this reason! The "Lost in the Sun" is saying that when the ball (baseball is what we're talking about here) soars through the sky, and is flying right where the sun is, you have to shift your position to see it. That's what it literally means. Figuratively, it means that when you're at a point in life that gives you trouble, maybe it's you that has to move to find a way around it. (**ALSO: I'm sorry in advance if my writing has a ton of errors. I can't seem to type today...ughhhh) 

I'm giving this book a...

🎉🎉🎉 Yup, that's right! 5 staaarrrrsss!!! I loved this one, so there was no reason for me to give it anything less than 5 stars! 

That wraps up this MMGM! I hope you guys will get the chance to read this one, because it's a must and thank you so much for joining me today! Have a nice week! 




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  1. I was sorry not to see this one on the Cybils award finalist list. One of my favorites from last year. Thanks for keeping the flame lit for Trent's tale.

    1. No problem! It was easy to give this one positive feedback because it was a great book!

  2. This one of my favorite books last year! Great review. Especially like your thoughts on the title. Didn't think about that.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you liked it s much as I did!

  3. So glad you enjoyed it, Cindy. It is a terrific book. Glad to see the work being spread about this wonderful book.

    1. Thank you for sending it to me! It's a great book, I definitely agree. One of my favorites for sure! :-)

  4. I never knew that about the title, but it has always intrigued me. This one's already on my TBR list. Love your enthusiasm for it. (And I'm sorry I'm so late commenting. I was away from the internet for two entire weeks!)

    1. Happy to know that it's on your TBR list! Thanks for commenting!