Books vs. eBooks (Book Rambles)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hello, everyone and welcome to the first book ramble at Cindy Reads A Lot! Of course I've rambled many times before (in reviews..and basically all I post, haha), but this time, I'm dedicating an entire post to it! Obviously, I may or may not continue this series depending on if people view this post or comment, etc, so if you want to see more rambles, READ this! COMMENT! And follow! See? I'm a natural at rambling. Ahem. So let's get on to this ramble. Our topic today is: 

2k16 is the perfect to break in your Kindle. After all, that's all everyone's using, right? Not so fast. Although ebooks may have some pros, they do miss out on a few things that traditional books have, which is the reason why not EVERYONE uses ebooks. Curious? Keep reading. :-) 

1. First things first. The cost. It's pretty obvious that ebooks cost less than books. They're much affordable than hardback/ paperback books that can cost around $17.99 (or even more). The only thing about ebooks is that they're less expensive, but require a e-Reader or device to access them. But then again, you only have to buy the device once--and then you can purchase books a lower price. There's also this really super duper cool thing called the library where you can get books for free. (It's how I read so many books. I probably only have like...5-10 books on my shelf. I know, it's shameful.) So I suppose the cost is a tie on both ends? 

2. The feel. If you know me at all, then you'll know that I love first cracking the cover, the smell of the pages...I'm not the only one, right? That's something you unfortunately only get with books. I prefer reading on books for this particular reason. With eBooks, you read on a device, so you don't exactly feel or smell anything. For some peeps, reading on an electronic device causes headaches or eye ouchies (I'm not exactly sure what you call them, so just go along with me), so that may be another con to ebooks. Books can't cause that problem (from what I've seen) so, the 'feel' point goes to books! 

Petting and smelling. Yup. #relatable 

3. Convenience. Books may smell good, but they can get heavy, especially when you're carrying more than one (Don't even get me started on textbooks...) ebooks, on the other hand, are light and require only a device. When traveling, secretly reading something while you're with your friends, ebooks make it more convenient. A point to ebooks! 

4. Customization. (N.B. This might not apply to all eReaders) With books, you're stuck with whatever font/size the printing company decided on. But with eBooks you're able to change these things, the color of the page, the size of the words, and s on. Another point to ebooks! 

5. Distractions. (I'm not sure if this applies to everyone, but it definitely applies to me, so...) Whenever I find myself reading on my Nexus, I'll read for a few minutes and then I'll start playing around with the fonts types and sizes and page colors. Then I read a little more. Then I think, "Man, my screen is TOO bright!", so then I go to settings to change the brightness. On my way to settings though, I spot Tumblr and Color Switch. You can guess what happens next. I'm an easily distracted person, reading on electronics is DEFINITELY not my strong suit. I even get distracted while writing blog posts! 

6. Andd...that's all I've got. ;-p

So if I've counted correctly, that's a tie between books and ebooks. What do you prefer, books or ebooks? Let me know in the comments below! If you haven't figured it out yet, I like traditional books! (If you'd like, let me know if you like my ramblings so I can post more!) 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. This is a great idea Cindy! Personally, I prefer a real book to my (ancient) Kindle. (It's not even touchscreen!) And also, petting the book is a HUGE factor.

    1. Thanks! And I totally agree, by the way, real books are SO much better. Petting is, like you said, really important. Thanks for the comment! :-)