So Hard to Say (MMGM)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hey guys, welcome to MMGM! As many of you know, I've been in quite the reading slump this summer. I haven't read much, or blogged either, and most of what I've been reading is school required material. But it's funny how just a single book can revive your love of reading again. And the book that, metaphorically speaking, brought me back from the dead is So Hard To Say, by Alex Sanchez. 

  • Age Range: 12+ (There isn't any innapropriate content, there's quite a bit of kissing, may I add, but it covers some serious topics, such as gender and LGBT)
  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (May 1, 2006)
  • Source and Format: Owned, Hardcover

Frederick is the shy new boy and Xio is the bubbly chica who lends him a pen on the first day of class. They become fast friends--but when Xio decides she wants to be more than friends, Frederick isn't so sure. He loves hanging out with Xio and her crew, but he doesn't like her that way. Instead he finds himself thinking more and more about Victor, the captain of the soccer team. But does that mean Frederick's gay? He hopes not--he sees how everyone makes fun of Iggy, a boy all the other kids think is gay. Frederick has to deal with some tough choices: Even though he is curious about Iggy, he's just started fitting in at his new school, and he doesn't want to lose Xio, his best friend. 

In So Hard to Say, Alex Sanchez, acclaimed author of the groundbreaking novels Rainbow High, and Rainbow Boys, of which School Library journal said, "It can open eyes and change lives," helps younger readers look at self-discovery, come to terms with being gay, and accept people who are different from them. 

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My Thoughts: 

What a wonderful book. Honestly, it's a fantastic book. There so many things to love about So Hard to Say, but here are a couple of my favorites. 

Let's begin with how realistic (and relatable) it was, shall we? Frederick is put in a difficult position with Xio, and he wonders if there's something wrong with him. He questions what the definition of being gay is, and prays that he isn't, as he sees how Iggy, a boy everyone believes is gay, is treated.

It's really shocking to see how Frederick attempts to hide his problems and feels ashamed to be gay. Our world has become a place where some people aren't even comfortable in their own skin, and are made fun of because they are being themselves. Frederick would rather pretend to be someone he's not than to be himself and be ridiculed. 

This book can be very relatable for those LGBT fellows out there.

May I also add how ridiculously huggable the characters are? Ohmygosh, after finishing the book, I just wanted to hug EVERYONE. Xio is such a sweet girl, and she welcomes Frederick into the school with open arms. Frederick is willing to sacrifice his homosexuality to save his friendship with Xio. The characters are just so sweet and smol and I JUST REALLY WANT TO HUG THEM.

So, uh, yeah, those were my two favorite things about the book. It was a quick read, so there isn't much to say about it. :-p

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My Rating: 

Because it saved me from my reading slump. :-)

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Thanks so much for joining me for MMGM and I hope you have a nice week!
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  1. This sounds like a good book for an older middle schooler who is feeling uncertain about things.

    I know what you mean about having a reading & blogging slump, because I didn't have a chance to post much over the summer. I love how one book can make a big difference!

  2. This certainly sounds like an excellent book of discovery for teens. Teens struggling with their identity need stories like this. I love realistic fiction! Great review!

    1. It is! I'm glad you like realistic fiction, I enjoy it too! Thanks!

  3. 2016 is officially Reading Slump Summer! Here's to more awesome books to get us all excited again. I love books with huggable characters. :)

    1. Ha, I'm glad you agree! Huggable characters are the best. Thanks for the comment!