Review Policy/Format

Welcome to the Review Policy & Format page! This is where you'll find everything you need to know about my reviews policy, my review format,  and stuff about review requests. 

Review Policy: 

1. I have to read the book. (Duh, if I have no clue what the book's about or how it's written, how am I supposed to give y'all an honest review?)

2. I only review books that I like here. I try not to put up books that have a lower rating than three stars, because I mean, I'm supposed to give you guys good books to read, not bad ones. That's why all the books reviewed on this site have high ratings. 

3. Author interviews are usually done only when I asked to get one. Most of the time, I only interview the author after reading their book and saying "Wow! This book is amazing! I need to talk to the author about his/her writing skills!" Then I would get in contact with the author and do all the interview-y stuff. 

Review format: 

(This is for both books and movies) 

1. MMGM welcome + introduction to the book

2. Cover

3. Info (age, publisher, series, etc) 

4. Summary from Goodreads/Amazon

5. My thoughts/excessive rambling about the book

7. Rating of book* 

8. Reason for that rating (If lower than 4 or 5 stars) 

8. About the author (Not always!) 

9. Closing

10. Author website, link to info about book, Shannon Messenger's blog

Rating System: 


4 Stars: It was a pretty good book. There were a few flaws, but I was able ot look past that because of the characters/ending/etc. I recommend it. 

3 Stars: It was an okay read. I wouldn't recommend putting it at the top of your TBR list, but it should be on it for when you have time to spare. 

2 Stars: Meh. I simply didn't like it. I considered abandoning it once/twice/a few times, but managed to finish it. I don't really recommend it. 

1 Star: It was a horrible book. Horrible. There were prominent flaws in this book. Probably won't be reading the rest of the series (If applicable) Abandoned/almost abandoned. 

Review Requests: 

I have this gut feeling that if you're here, you're about to request a review! That's awesome! You're the reason why I blog! It's amazing to think that people want ME to review their book. *SNIFFFLES* *HUGS* At the moment, I'm swamped with a lot of school and homework, so I'm not accepting any. (I have to emphasize that because people are STILL sending me requests. It makes me guilty not being able to respond or accept. So don't make me guilty! Don't send them!) (I still have a pile of books from the summer that I haven't even finished reading!) In case you haven't noticed, the amount of posts have gone down lately. That doesn't mean that Cindy Reads A Lot is dead! I promise it isn't. But since I'm super busy, I'm not accepting any requests. I'm still reading (my butt off), but I've been having less and less time to do so. :-( Thanks so much for thinking about me during this time and I'll promise I'll let you know when I'm lifting the 'ban' from review requests. (I'm not sure if you'd call it a ban, but...) I'll let you in on a secret. Some people who requested reviews from August still haven't gotten replies. SORRY! 

That was...depressing. To end on a happy note, here's a plushy pineapple penguin! Yay! 

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